Products and Services

Epoxy Flooring

With many different colours and finishes we can customise a finish that suits your needs. Whether it's an anti slip floor surface, a super smooth and glassy decorative splashback or a stylish bench top makeover, chances are we have the look you are after. Our epoxy finishes are:

  • Hard wearing and durable

  • Easy to clean as they are non-porous

  • Stylish and decorative

  • Resistant to heat, staining and impacts

  • UV stable and won't turn yellow or fade

We diamond grind all concrete floors where epoxy is to be installed to firstly remove any contaminants or imperfections, and to ensure a durable, strong epoxy bond.


Concrete Grinding & Surface Preparation

Our diamond grinders can remove stubborn tile and carpet glues with ease, with all dust and airborne particles captured and not released using our dust extraction system and vacs.


Removal of Trip Hazards

We can diamond grind any minor trip hazards that arise from shifting and poorly finished concrete slabs and paths. With the use of our dust extraction, this can be done on both interior and exterior surfaces.


Crack and Blemish Repair

With the use of epoxy resins we can fill and smooth over crack damage in concrete slabs. We can also use our epoxies to self level uneven surfaces and repair surface damage.